Carbon Farm: Mt Hood

This 1462 acre property consists of 700+ acres of pasture, and 700+ acre of Oak Savanna .

Wild Turkeys, Squirrels, Deer, Elk, Birds of Prey, and much more utilize Carbon Farm Mt. Hood as their home and passing through.  You can too.

3 seasonal creeks, Rail Hollow Creek, Henderson Creek and the Orchard Ditch (where our water rights come from via 15 mile creek)

The south side of the farm consists of about 8 buildings in various states of beauty and oldness. We are actively upgrading the infrastructure to host farmers in 2021 and 2022 and beyond.

Other Features:

  1. 9 miles of roads
  2. 15 miles of fencing
  3. Dozens of miles of trails and hiking
  4. Views of Mt Hood, Mt Adams, Mt Ranier, the Simcoe Range, The Gorge, Lookout Mountain, the Dufur Valley and more. Truly Epic