About Carbon Farm

Carbon Farm was conceived on "walk and talks" over the past decade or so among a team of people.

Walk and talks if you have been on one with us, or if you haven't and you thought of it, we heard you and are doing it.

We believe that land, food and experiences can be managed in balance with the earth and the natural carbon life cycle vs mass amounts of inputs and energy that have gotten us to where we are today.

My name is Rachel, and I am a Carbon Farmer.
My name is Matt, and I am a Carbon Farmer.
Your name is ___, and you want to be a Carbon Farmer (Join us)

3 Principles we work from are:

  1. Carbon Farming for the Earth (Ecology)
  2. Carbon Farming for Experiences
  3. Carbon Farming for Equity

3 E's. Earth, Experiences, and Equity

Earth - Balance in harmony with Earth.

Experiences - We cultivate in person and virtual experiences that connect you to Carbon, it all of its' forms.

Equity - Doing in a way that is both profitable on the balance sheet/P and L as well as in the modern use of this word, equity for humans, animals and all life forms.

How we can help?

  • Come visit us and experience silence.  Old School silence with no road noise, no concrete and all the chaotic energy of large cities
  • Sign-up for an experience on farm that feels good, helps connect you to the carbon life cycle.